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What to see near our Apart Hotel Villa Manja

The closest points of interest

View point Vodnikov viewpoint located close to Villa Manja

Just a 15-minute walk from our house is a view point called Vodnikov razglednik. It is named in memory of Valentin Vodnik, a Slovenian poet and enlightener who lived in our village. They say that he loved visiting this place. And it can be understood: from an altitude of 1017 meters above sea level, an amazing panorama opens onto the valley of Lake Bohinj and the peaks of the Julian Alps.

Lake Bohinj is the largest glacial lake in Slovenia. It will not only amaze you with its beauty, but also provide an opportunity to engage in various water sports: swimming, SUP, canoeing, kayaking, surfing, rowing boats. You can also fish on Lake Bohinj (this option can be arranged through travel agencies located along the lake). Near the lake there is a beautiful bike path with a length of about 17 km.

Lake Bohinj at spring time can be reached in 20 min by car from Villa Manja Slovenia
Slap Savica close to Bohinj lake can be reached in 30 min by car from Villa Manja Slovenia

Savica Waterfall is located near Lake Bohinj. For parking and access to the falls during the summer months you need to pay (5 and 10 euros, respectively). Ascent to the waterfall requires basic walking skills (about 500 steps up). But this climb is worth it, as these species are breathtaking. From here begins the Sava River.

Mount Vogel is not only a ski resort, but also a place from which numerous hiking trails of various complexity begin. Having risen to the first mark in a telescope at an altitude of 1535 meters above sea level, you can enjoy beautiful views of the valley of Lake Bohinj. At this mark are a cafe, restaurant, playground for very young travellers. Older children and adults can ride the Zip Line - a descent on a safety device along a rope laid over a small gorge.

Vogel mounting - ski resort and hiking place
You can reach Bled and Bled lake from Villa Manja in 25 min by car

The lake and the city of Bled is perhaps the most popular tourist destination in Slovenia. It is no coincidence that people from all over the world strive here: the blue water of the lake fascinates and does not let you go. Climbing to Bled Castle, you can appreciate the beauty of the panoramic view. Definitely, you need to go here.

Six kilometres from the city of Bled is the Vintgar Gorge. The Radovna River flows between steep cliffs. A pedestrian route has been laid along the river, it is simple, its length is about 1600 meters in one direction. The depth of the gorge is about 250 meters, which is why we recommend visiting on a hot day - it is cool and pleasant there. Note that the route is not intended for any wheeled vehicles, including baby prams. 

Vintgar gorge near Bled can be reached from Villa Manja by car in 30 minutes
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